Thursday, June 18, 2009

One d@y ! c@nnOt fOrget....

On thIs sIde I would like tO share sOmethIng about my experIence see ghOst...

On day i enter the jungle alOne tO fine sOme experience inside the jungle when i in the middle Of the jungle i feel sO cOld and i feel that sOmeOne is fOllOwing me. i becOme very nervOus and dO nOt knOw what tO dO. furthermOre, i alsO did nOt bring anything tO prOtect myself frOm kind Of thing. i start tO run and i'm very tired until i reach a tree and fall sleep.

After wake up, i realize that my bOdy is hanging top of the tree and i dO nOt knOw hOw to cOme dOwn. i becOme very scary and crying. after a moment i hear that sOmeOne calling me and the vOice cOme infrOnt Of me. the vOice becOme very clearly as the sOmething gOing hear with me. i becOme very nervOus and afraid. after a mOment, i can see a white shadOw near me that starring tO me. i becOme mOre nervOus and start tO cry.....if i want run alsO cannOt because my bOdy is hanging On the tOp Of the tree....i have tO think fOr while hOw tO escape from that white shadOw.

After a mOment, i realize that my bOdy is gOing dOwn frOmthe tree. when i Open my eyes and i realized that actually i dream abOut a ghOst............hahahahaha

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